Trauma and PTSD symptoms are my specialty

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a result of a traumatic experience that overloads our capacity to cope and leaves us in a reactive state, unable to grow in certain key life arenas. Symptoms generally include elements of depression, anger, anxiety, addictions and compulsive behaviors to protect your vulnerable state.

It’s not unusual for a client with a traumatic history to experience endless disappointment with their progress in therapy. They know they shouldn’t do something, but they keep doing it despite their good intentions. Relationships get compromised and a feeling of helplessness sets in. Sometimes this is because of undiagnosed PTSD. Sometimes it is because of patterns of responses that are programmed to run in certain tense situations.

Seventeen years of couples therapy, and no one ever identified that we both had PTSD



I have also provided counseling for male and female veterans from WWI to Iraq. If you have post traumatic stress disorder, without education and effective treatment, PTSD will continue to be in control of your brain.


In my private practice, using INNER COURAGE therapy, I help a wide range of people and ages through a spectrum of challenging situations and histories.


Sometimes PTSD has been diagnosed and has been treated with CBT or talk therapy, but more work is needed. I am especially skilled at weaving PTSD treatment with couples therapy and parenting skills.

Whether your symptoms are the result of one serious traumatic incident, such as a car accident, or spring from more complex events over many years, such as war or an unstable childhood, I can help.