Is it true?

CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I seamlessly weave all my skills into the therapeutic process and never rely on one modality. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an action-based therapy that will help you examine unproductive patterns of thoughts and behaviors. On the surface, it would seem easy to change those patterns once they are recognized. 

However, many clients cannot move forward for no apparent reason. I never shame or belittle a client for being unable to change. I know emotions can act like glue to keep behaviors in place. And, often those thoughts and behaviors are protecting something. Then we can apply other modalities such as EFT and EMDR to work through blocks to positive change. 

Cognitive Behavioral Changes are Powerful.

CBT helps clients:
  • Manage Stress and Anger
  • Shine a light in the dark
  • Explore values and goals
  • Identify negative thoughts & behaviors
  • Question long held beliefs
  • Change thinking patterns
  • Make positive change

How it works


Once you identify unproductive behaviors and the thought process that supports them, we begin our exploration. I’ll introduce you to playful ways to challenge the thinking that causes you distress.

Ask Questions

I will challenge you to ask  “Is this true?” and “How do you feel when you believe that?” you will find a wealth of stuck beliefs and emotion behind your thoughts and behaviors.


Through our work together and your homework, surprising changes will likely occur. Often clients find their original goals evolve as we take a multi-modality approach to your therapy.