Be the best you can be for your children.

Parenting Challenges

I work with parents and pre-parents who want to break the cycle of abuse before it influences their children.

Sometimes my clients are in committed relationships, and sometimes they are single.

Many of my clients’ lives have been compromised by stress, loss, conflict or trauma and they worry about their ability to provide a stable emotional foundation for their children. Typically we work on emotional triggers, poor boundaries, compulsive behaviors and problems with healthy attachment.

Before coming to work with Carol, I was considering having children, but was struggling in my marriage and knew I didn’t want to repeat the childhood I experienced. Now my marriage is more stable, I am planning for the future, and I know my children will have a secure and loving family.



Together, we will heal childhood programming that destines you to repeat the dysfunctional patterns your parents role-modeled for you.


Using INNER COURAGE therapy, we will compassionately provide interventions to shift the dynamics, encourage the growth of new neural networks, and support the experience of authentic connection.


With the growth of new, healthier neural networks, clients begin to act thoughtfully and with integrity. Clients establish and maintain healthy boundaries, negotiate more peaceful relationships, and can provide a stable emotional foundation for their children.

Let me help you create a positive and supportive family legacy through healthy parenting.