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Carol is brilliant. Really. Your marriage couldn’t be in better, safer, straight-shootin’ hands.

JenniferPortland, OR

Before coming to work with Carol, I was considering having children, but was struggling in my marriage and knew I didn’t want to repeat the childhood I experienced. Now my marriage is more stable, I am planning for the future, and I know my children will have a secure and loving family.

JessicaLaCenter, WA

Carol speaks Left AND Right Brain, which means she’s like a universal translator for couples. She was able to understand and speak to both sides and create a safe space and common ground for open and honest communication.

RichardPortland, OR

There is a profound connection between unresolved trauma and the current social and environmental upheaval. It is both courageous and socially responsible to heal yourself. What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.