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Carol Maker LCSW

CAROL MAKER offers services to facilitate extraordinary personal change, rebuild lives and protect future generations.

Hi, I’m Carol. I work with people whose lives have been compromised by stress, loss, conflict or trauma. As a result, they are suffering from emotional triggers, poor boundaries, compulsive behaviors and problems with healthy relationships. I, too, was there at one time.

For those who are willing to do the hard work, I help men and women individually–and as couples–to be more in control of their lives, emotions, and responses to people around them. I provide a frank and honest look at what’s happening by blending innovative techniques, compassion, (sometimes irreverent) humor, and even my own history, to help you find real solutions.

I am an advanced practitioner of EMDR Therapy, My years running anger management groups inspired strong CBT skills. I am results-oriented and base my work on science and research. At the heart of everything is nervous system regulation coupled with true connection in relationships.

I specialize in working with men who are looking for solutions to the confusing role they are asked to play in society. Anger management, relationship challenges, translating women’s language, being the best father, career pressures, and #MeToo are common issues men face. Online therapy with me gives you privacy and flexibility for personal growth. Men who do Inner Courage therapy frequently become an inspiration and a trusted resource to other men.

Inner Courage is the most important ingredient in this process, but it is often overlooked. Motivating change is an art. My job is to help you summon your well of strength and courage to make long-term, sustainable, positive change. Inner Courage is also the name of the parent company of several therapy-based businesses (hyperlink) I have created aiming to make a larger global impact. My personal practice is a part of that.

Clients work with me online in a secure, HIPPA compliant video conferencing tool, and they love the freedom and privacy of getting the help they need within their busy schedule. Clients can easily meet with me without fighting traffic, taking extra time for travel, or explaining where they are going…and they can lay on their own couch! (Well, that’s probably not the best place for the hard work you will be called to do!)

My Philosophy:

I am committed to socially responsible therapy and believe the impact of inner conflict is widespread. Whether it’s in our parenting, our jobs, how we vote, or how we show up in our community, our unresolved conflict is reflected in the world and carried into the next generation.

Any person who is able to resolve and transform grief into wisdom is much more likely to seek peaceful justice, spread kindness and act consciously. It is both courageous and socially responsible to heal yourself.

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