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Sometimes, it is hard to see what is really going on over all of the mental noise and anguish.

CBT is an action-based therapy that will help you modify your unproductive thought patterns and transform your habits to serve your life and relationships. Through our conversation and, potentially, your homework of simple action steps, we can catalyze your relief and success.

I’ll introduce you to playful ways to challenge the thinking that causes you distress. Once you learn to ask yourself a simple question: “Is this true?” you find a wealth of new information.

For clients who want to go deeper into cognitive challenging, I draw from the invaluable work of Byron Katie, adding the question “How do you feel when you believe this?” We can illuminate the mechanics of how you may be making yourself miserable with your beliefs.

Cognitive Behavioral Changes are Powerful.

CBT is an important component of INNER COURAGE therapy. Used alone, or in combination with other modalities, CBT helps clients shine a light in the dark, see what is true, and understand how to behave in a way that is alignment with your core values and goals.

Cognitive behavioral strategies are great for stress relief and anger management.

Your personal empowerment begins in your first session with me.

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