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The challenge of life is relationship with self and others.
~Carol Maker, LCSW

We are always in relationships, whether with an intimate partner, friends, community, or with ourselves.

If you think a partner will change the way you feel about yourself or how you behave in the world, you may be on the wrong track. A partner can only enhance what is already established, both your positive characteristics and your dysfunction. If your expectations around your relationships are unrealistic, if you are expecting another person to save you from yourself, you are likely going to be lonely and sad. You may experience resentment, anxiety and depression.

A relationship without personal growth is stunted.

INNER COURAGE Therapy is about increased awareness of things that are hidden in our subconscious. If they are hidden, they are likely driving you towards a destination that is different, or even opposite from the one you desire. When you work with me, whether we are doing individual, couples or family counseling, or some combination of these, I am always keeping your personal growth and the health of your internal and external relationships central to the work.

When you have expectations that don’t match reality, you’ll be unhappy. What is dysfunctional in a relationship with a loved one is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. When you reset your expectations to something that is more realistic, you can transform your relationship with yourself. Others will stop disappointing you in the same way as your self-esteem grows.

Together, we can address your concerns. Let me help you be the best you can be in relationship to yourself and others through active relationship therapy.

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