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Enhance your relationship, don’t lose it.

Carol is brilliant. Really. Your marriage couldn’t be in better, safer, straight-shootin’ hands.
~Jennifer, Portland, OR

Painful dynamics and emotional triggers can be found in troubled relationships of all kinds (not just intimate ones). Often the dynamics are a result of patterns learned from childhood role models, or developed in response to traumatic experiences. Marriages are especially important, as these unions can involve deeper entanglements, including children. If you have children, you are likely (inadvertently) teaching them what your parents role modeled for you. Awareness is the first step to stopping this cycle and changing destructive patterns. I will help you identify the problems and reasons for your frustrations and inspire you to make life-affirming changes.

Rekindle the love in your relationship with new tools and increased awareness.

If the patterns you are displaying in your marriage are a result of poor communication and relationship skills, or traumatic experiences, you will more than likely need professional help to change them. If you have children, you can shift what you are role modeling for them and help change the cycle of abuse in your family and in our world.

What if you could…

  • Feel trust and love as key components of your relationship
  • Give your children the best opportunities you have to offer
  • Reduce worry, anxiety, guilt or depression
  •  Plan for your future with harmony

You can take responsibility for harmful behavior in your relationships. You can change your patterns. You can have a fulfilling marriage.

I can help.
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