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Breakups: They aren’t easy, but it is possible to get through them with integrity.

When I have clients who have just had a bad breakup, or are still recovering from a bad divorce, I suggest they allow time to grieve and heal dysfunctional relationship patterns before entering another relationship.

Often the painful dynamics that caused the relationship to end are a result of patterns learned from parents and other adults, or developed in response to traumatic experiences. I will help you identify the problems and inspire you to make life-affirming changes. I can treat trauma and PTSD if necessary. If you have children, you can change the example you set for them and help change the cycle of abuse in our world.

EMDR therapy combined with EFT and CBT can be invaluable in this process, as can the understanding of a therapist who has survived a painful divorce and knows there is light at the end of the tunnel. When you can gently and kindly release those relationships that no longer serve your best self, you can bring forth ones that do. Therapy, along with a good dose of wisdom, can help reduce the drama that causes so much pain.

Ultimately, only you can take responsibility for the integrity of your relationships now and in the future. But I can help you gain the insight and skills to do it.

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Note: During the actual divorce process, I accept only clients who are firmly committed to collaborative divorce.

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