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Stress, anxiety, depression and anger are common challenges.

The treatments I use do not depend on medicating the mind, numbing the emotions, or denying negative thought or behavior. Instead, I use natural healing approaches that rely on the body’s ability to process painful emotions and thoughts, and balance itself. While there are cases where medication is a helpful, even vital support, I strive to facilitate therapeutic change that gets to the heart of the problem.

  • Reduce your stress, anxiety and depression without drugs
  • Learn to face and transcend perpetual problems without avoidance.
  • Understand how denying problems is actually compounding them.
  • Resolve issues that undermine your values and goals, block your sincere attempts to change, and contribute to stress, anger and depression.
  • Add simple techniques and tools to stabilize emotions, change negative messages, and understand heart intelligence.
  • Explore unconscious behaviors which create unhappy relationships and recycle problems through generations.
  • Make simple changes to enhance and strengthen your relationships.
  • Find humor in the challenges that used to break your heart.

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