Rebuilding lives and protecting future generations.

Inner Courage Therapy

It is both courageous and socially responsible to begin a journey of healing. The impact of unresolved trauma is widespread. This earth has been populated by untold generations of trauma victims who have suffered from natural disaster, disease, pestilence, accidents, war, and physical or emotional violence. The cumulative burden of unresolved trauma and grief drive and perpetuates the insanity of our world today. It’s a small leap to see how this insanity is directly related to the damage inflicted on the environment.

Suppression of your painful emotions is not healthy. The healing path is to fully feel emotions and transform that grief into wisdom. Then you are much more likely to seek peaceful justice, spread kindness and act consciously. The benefits of your journey to health are immeasurable. I believe it is everyone’s social responsibility to heal inner conflicts and be a responsible caretaker of our world.

Inner Courage LLC offers services to facilitate extraordinary personal change, rebuild lives and protect future generations.

Carol Maker

With INNER COURAGE therapy, you will learn easy and effective new skills to enhance your life and relationships.

I will teach you to:

Think in new ways that stick

Tap into your inherent instinct to heal

As a result of our work together, you will have the opportunity to heal yourself and inspire others.

Develop and practice new skills

Turn your new strategies into healthy habits

By doing this you will be able to meet life's challenges independently.

What is Inner Courage Therapy?

Inner courage, or socially responsible therapy, is the willingness to embark on a journey to explore the mystery of our emotional depths. In this exploration, we come to know our darkness as well as our light, our weaknesses as well as our strengthens.

As we allow ourselves to be fundamentally guided by this profound self-knowledge, the journey becomes a lifelong commitment. We then remember what we are here to do, allowing each of us to rise to our unique potential. This is our healing. (Inner Courage® is a registered trademark.)

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in the world?