A life without personal growth is limited.

Individual Therapy

I take a three prong approach to working with individuals. First I listen to the symptoms that bring them into therapy and assess how stable their current relationships are with friends, family and career. Then I take a psychosocial history identifying traumatic events. And eventually I hear their deepest longing for the future. 

Since past, present and future are often intertwined, I can hear the connections and help you see them as well. With a difficult childhood, you didn’t cause the challenges in your life. Unfortunately, you are the one who will need to do the work to make things better. I won’t know the specifics of the journey, but I can lead you through that challenging work.

The challenge of life is relationship with self and others.

~Carol MakerLCSW

INNER COURAGE Therapy is about increased awareness of things that are hidden in our subconscious.

If they are hidden, they are likely driving you towards a destination that is different, or even opposite from the one you desire.
I am always keeping your personal growth and the health of your internal and external relationships central to the work. Here is the work we will do together:

1. Awareness

You become aware that you have expectations that don’t match reality, and this is why you are unhappy.

3. Reset Expectations

You will reset your expectations to something that is more realistic, you can transform your relationship with yourself.


You learn that what is dysfunctional in a relationship with a loved one is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

4. Personal Growth

Others will stop disappointing you in the same way as your self-esteem grows.

Together, we can address your concerns. Let me help you be the best you can be in relationship to yourself and others through active relationship therapy.