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Free Consultation:

I’ll talk with you by email, or phone to determine if my services are a good fit for you. You may also schedule a 20 min in person consultation before proceeding.

First Two Hour Session: I guarantee that a first intake session with me will be helpful. I’ll listen intently and ask questions about your current situation and your past. This is a psychosocial intake session and at the end of the session, I’ll be able to explain to you how I think we should proceed. Clients find this extremely helpful and hopeful. Occasionally, a person comes in just to have this review and goes on to work in a self-help program, or with their existing therapist.

Guarantee: If you schedule an two hour intake appointment with me and, for any reason, don’t feel it was helpful, let me know within 3 days, and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

FEES: Private Pay: If you do not have insurance, see fee chart below. When you pay in full at the time of service, you will receive a cash discount.

FEES: Insurance: My services as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) are covered by most insurance companies that offer out-of-network mental health benefits. Please review your benefits with your insurance company so you will know your deductible, and copay or coinsurance. I’ve provided the CPT codes below so you will be able to ask questions.

In most instances, you will pay in full for Inner Courage LLC services and you will be reimbursed directly. We can handle the billing for you, or, should you want to submit the billing yourself, you will receive a cash discount.

FEES for Individual, Couple or Family Sessions

Time Fee Cash CPT Code for Insurance
2 hour $320 $300 90791 (Intake – first session)
45 min. $120 $115 90834 (individual)
60 min. $160 $150 90837 (indiv) 90847 (family)

Frequency: Many people find weekly sessions are very helpful initially to get some relief for the problems that brought them into therapy. Others for scheduling or budget concerns find every other week to work for them. Generally, once a month, or on-call, is reserved for established clients who are working on maintenance after getting results.

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