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Telehealth Services | Inner Courage, LLC

Please note: You must be in the state of Oregon to utilize my services!

Email is the way to make your first contact with me. From there we can schedule a 20 min no-charge consultation by phone or online to determine if we are a good fit.

If you want to find out if online work feels right email me. We can schedule a time to meet. Once we are scheduled, you can download the VSEE software to be ready for our consultation.

VSEE: Go to and download the app using the email and name you have used when emailing me. Look for Carol Maker or carol [AT] carolmaker [DOT] com and send an invitation. If it doesn’t go through I’ll find you at the appropriate time.

Contact VSEE Customer Service if needed: 650-560-7140 or

Let me know once you’ve signed up!

Privacy: Find a secure and private area for your session. No one should be able to hear you so you can feel secure. 

Computer: If at all possible use a desktop computer. I know it’s fun to curl up on the sofa with a phone or iPad, but we are working so desktop is best, and second best is a stable laptop. If you use an iPad make sure it’s stable as well. Holding a device is going to be distracting. We need a stable internet connection (check your internet icon) — you may find better reception in one area of the house.

Earbuds: Have your phone and a headset / earbuds with you. If we have variable reception it’s often easier to just connect voice by phone, and use VSEE for the video portion. 

Condiments: Tissues, water, tea, cough drops.

Notes: I take notes and can send you anything you need afterwards.

No Worries: If we have some technical delays I can usually give you some extra time.

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